Your Ideas Are Shit!!!

Facebook is not the greatest idea. Youtube is not the greatest idea. is not the greatest idea. Whatsapp, Instagram are not the greatest ideas. Tesla, Google are not the greatest ideas. Alibaba is not the greatest idea. I can go on and on. But one thing is clear, we shall never know about the greatest idea. You know why? Because the fool who thought he had the greatest idea, never executed it.

We are not in shortage of ideas. Everybody has an idea. Almost all my friends, my family members, my enemies, all strangers, all the people in the world have a great idea. I always get those messages; “Ian there is this great idea you should be part of, it is super revolutionary. I don’t want to share it out loud, people may steal it.” Look here Bro or Sister, I don’t give a damn about your idea, I only care about one thing; ‘execution.’

There is no great idea until you execute on it. Stop fooling yourself about that breakthrough idea that you don’t wanna talk about yet lest somebody copies it. Like really? I share all my ideas because I know, almost no one is going to execute.

We got an idea for a Baby and Kids Expo. We executed on it as a family. Then I began to see these messages; “look Ruth, look Tasha, this is the very idea we had, these guys just stole our idea.” Hello Lilian, we didn’t steal your idea, we executed. And if you just did that, you wouldn’t be whining or complaining.

People are not losing because they don’t have great ideas, they are losing because they are not executing. All ideas are shit until you actually execute. We are running the next Mckinsey, the next Bain, we are running Next Lean, people look at us executing, day in, day out, building the biggest thing in consulting agencies and then they will wake up 5 years later and complain that they have a better idea. Then why the heavens didn’t you execute?

Even a crappy idea, if it’s executed, it will impact the world. Execution is greatness. Ideas are shit. Go implement, go execute. Take action, just DO. Show, don’t tell me. If you are not executing, then shut up.