Young Impactful Ugandans List

Hello all, I am creating a list that I will keep updating. It is basically my personal list of young Ugandans to keep tabs on, some are luminaries, some innovators, some inventors, some entrepreneurs, some business people, some great journalists, some great musicians. Of late, I am being asked for various recommendations, so I decided I will make this list and always share a link for people to pick from this pool. There’s no order to the list, so numbers here mean nothing.

  1. Yunus Masaba: CEO Mas Group (Track24, Khainza Energy)-
  2. Jaluum Luwiza Herbert: CEO YoungTreps, Business Consultant-
  3. PK Malinz:
  4. Francisco Kyambadde: Founder and CEO at Gagawala Graphics and Next Uganda-
  5. Julius Muhimbo: Co-Founder, Next Lean Uganda, Uganda’s first Lean Six Sigma Management Firm
  6. David Wampamba: Ugandan web and mobile applications developer, Founder at Gagawala Graphics