We Are All Microphones

We tend to wait for far too long. We wait for someone else to give us permission to do something. We keep postponing the actual things we wanna spend our lives doing. We keep pushing things to the next day, next month, next year, and then, it’s the next life. But as we do that, we squander ourselves. Everyday, we lose a chance to be something, to create something, to touch a life, to express an idea and to express ourselves.

I love to believe that we are all microphones. Our lives are microphones. Whatever we do with these lives is our message to the world. Some people choose to dance, some choose to sing, some choose to shout out loud, others, well, they just choose to be silent. Knowing that we are all microphones, then we ought to do creative self-expression, we ought to come out as authentic as possible, we ought to aspire to be that which we want to be. We ought to come out, body and skeleton, nothing to hide and just be.

If all else fails, let no one be silent on their microphone. Say something, do something. Just don’t be silent!