The Next Einstein: How We Are Making STEM Cool In a Ugandan Secondary School?

It all started with an email to my former English and Literature teacher, Brother Augustine Mugabo. He’s now the Head Teacher of St. Henry’s College Kitovu (SHACK), a place I call home in all aspects. It is here that I spent four years of my ordinary level education. It’s also here that I carried out my final year Engineering project and thesis.

I emailed my Head Teacher to talk him into starting the first school STEM club in Uganda, having SHACK as the starting point. SHACK is home to the biggest number of school clubs. Despite all this, it didn’t have one that’s focusing on STEM, on making these subjects cooler, exciting but also help unlock the creativity and potential to the next innovators, engineers, scientists and coders. The idea of the club is that I have for long wished for a place where students can tinker with things, create amazing products and realize the applicability of the concepts they study in class to real life.


The proposal is to have the Club named “The Next Einstein Club.” Albert Einstein represents that unlocked creativity, the ability to question things, the ability to ask the WHYs and imagine a new future, a new way to do things and see the connectivity of these principles or better still generate new foundations.

I have just shared the full club proposal with the Head Teacher and I will update you going forward with the launch programme. We want to have students who do sciences not for the sake of doing them but because they actually find enjoyment and can see the beauty in them and how it all connects to the big picture. Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Club will thus need people like you and me to partner with it in some way. This could be giving us the next set of 3D printers, it could be giving us the funds to buy these equipment, and it could be passing on your skills and knowledge. If you are a carpenter, it would be awesome to have you come around and make amazing products with these students. If you are a microbiologist, again, that would be awesome to have you playing a part.

We dream of a future where these students understand these Newtonian Laws of motion and use them to make a dent in the Universe, where the  E = mc 2 makes sense. We look forward to producing our own Carl Sagans and Neil deGrasse Tysons. Maybe the next hydrogen powered car will be produced here. It all started with an idea. We are going somewhere exciting. It would be wonderful to have you on this journey. Let’s have this STEM club at SHACK. For Greater Horizons.

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