Selfishness is a Virtue

I grew up being told that selfishness is a vice. I dreaded it. I made it a point to give as much as I could. I gave more of myself. Until I began to run on empty.

Then it did hit me, that it’s only a cup that’s overflowing that can afford to give. For such a cup, gives from a source of abundance. Now, I am a little older and I am convinced the greatest of virtues is selfishness.

You can’t love unless you’ve loved the self enough. Your reaction to other people is a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you hate self, you will have no love to give.

So this year I have gone back to the roots and decided to be unapologetic about the investment in self. I have taken my health seriously. I religiously adhere to the dental cleans. I even want to remove some scars from my body.

It is all about giving me the best of love and in return, this me will overflow with love to the rest of the world.