Prune Your Life

One of my first mentors told me that as a young man, it is best to plant as many seeds as possible. A good part of one’s twenties should be spend finding out many things about one self.

Twenties is when you try to live life at the extremes. In one’s 20s, he often told me, you take more risks, say more YESes, try out different things and fields. Just have no boundaries!

Then as one approaches their 30s, they ought to begin carefully pruning their lives. You look back and choose what plants you want to leave in your garden of life, which friends to move on with, which relationships to continue watering and which ones to kill, which ventures to focus on and which ones to abandon.

By trying different things, learning from different people, you actually discover and create the person you want to be. You discover your unfair advantages and unfair positions in life. It is like a Shark born in the desert then it discovers the ocean. That shark prunes the desert and nurtures the ocean. For in the ocean, it is King. In the desert, it won’t even last  an hour. You find those areas where you thrive.

A lot of people prune too early in life. They put limits on themselves too early in life. Just because you studied something at University doesn’t mean that’s gonna be your whole life doing that. Honestly you are just too young to know what you really want to spend your life on that early in life.

That’s why gap years are very popular in USA. I guess everyone needs a gap year of sorts early on in life. Try out different careers, live in different countried before you begin to settling on your life cores.

At 27/28 years of age, one can begin pruning their lives. You don’t want to get into your 30s with dead weights, dead relationships, dead careers, dead businesses. That would just bring frustration.