Premortem: I Wanna Know Where I Will Die So I Don’t Go There!

Charlie Munger loves to say; “I want to know where I will die so I don’t go there.” It is the idea that’s easy to know what not do than what to do. If you can know what not to eat, then you are free to eat everything else there is to eat. If you can know the people to avoid, then you are free to meet every other person.

We live in a society that’s fond of doing post-mortems. We love to explain why things failed. We are experts at giving reasons why things died or collapsed, why a certain relationship did not work out, why a business ran bankrupt. We are so good at this Post-Mortem process, we would get cum lauded for it.

But what it for a moment, things took a different twist? What if instead of doing post-mortems, we did pre-mortems? What if we could start a relationship and think hard through all the reasons why it may fail and do something about it? What if we could think of all the reasons a business would fail and address them head on?

We need a paradigm shift, not just in business, not just in relationships but in all sectors of our lives. We need to do more pre-mortems than post-mortems. To know why we may fail so that we can prevent those failures.