Memories Are Over-Rated!

The past is over-rated, past achievements are over-rated. Many people get locked in their past and almost never move on. Some people travel and then waste the whole experience taking photos. I used to be one of those people. Not anymore. I have no time for travel selfies. 90% of my experiences have not been captured on photo or video. Those things I didn’t capture were the most fulfilling.

I used to record videos at concerts. Then I stopped. Because it hit me that I never went back to watching that video and got excited that I spent time recording instead of enjoying the moment. Maybe if it matters so much, then I will pay a photographer to take on that task.

One of my great mentors, Naval Ravikant brings it out best; “Who really sits there, years later, and goes back and looks at all their trip photos and gets nostalgic? Go take your next trip. I just don’t believe in anything from the past. Anything. No memories. No regrets. No people. No trips. Nothing.”

So what matters right now to me is the moment, the best I can do in this moment and trusting than doing the best now will bring about the best future. The next step is the greatest. Past achievements mean nothing. All that matters is what we are trying to achieve now and the course on which it prepares us for the next achievement.

My friend’s girlfriend was wondering why I don’t take photos of meals while out, because well, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I found contentment in just enjoying the meal. I find contentment in just living fully in the moment. Nothing is more rewarding than that. Memories can take care of themselves in the person I become.