I am very Individualistic!


I am a pessimist. I am always thinking of the worst case scenario and trying to be prepared for it. That is my daily strategy.

When I wake up in the morning, I am imagining the worst. I am imagining that those I made appointments with with bail out at the last minute. I am imagining that people won’t keep their promises.

As such, I don’t get shocked by people not living to their best. I am surprised instead when they do. When I lend someone money, I am prepared for them not paying.

When I meet people, I have zero expectations. I simply meet people and leave everything to flow naturally. I don’t get excited by things. People promise a million things. Those promises don’t move me.

Once you know the worst that can happen and are prepared for it, then life becomes much easier. I intentionally spend days without my phone. I am prepared for a life without it.

I don’t get attached to things. I am ready to lose anything. When I get into a relationship, I have zero expectations. I am simply doing my best, giving all I can but I am not trying to force anything to happen.

I used to be needy about money. Then I just stopped setting money goals. Every time I did something with the goal of making money, I always failed terribly. The times I have always made money was when I had no prior thought of money as the major aim. In those moments, I simply focused on doing my best, creating and delivering value. Often times, money appeared as a side effect.

When I go to a night club, I assume that every girl I talk to is going to reject me. So rejection doesn’t shock me. I see guys turn bitter when girls reject them, I am already prepared for that worst case scenario.

I assume I suck at everything. I assume I am dumb in any group of people. I assume everyone around me is smarter than me. So I must work harder, I must read harder and I must learn from each of them.

When you are playing by the worst case scenario, you begin to play ten moves ahead on the chess board. When I ask someone out on a date, I assume they are going to have an excuse at the last minute. So I set up my dates in such a way whether a person comes or not, I will still be doing something fun.

I don’t bet my happiness on other people. I don’t do things out of social proof. If I want to dance, I will stand up and dance regardless of whether everyone is sitted. If I decide I am going out on a given night, I will go out regardless of whether my friends come along or not. I am independent in my decisions.

I practice daily detachment from things, from people. I am needy towards anything. What I don’t have doesn’t bother me. And what I have is not a big deal. If I woke up without it, I would still live without a big change to my attitude.

I don’t believe in collaborations. I am involved in them but I don’t base my macro strategy in collaborations. If I want to save money, I will save it. I won’t wait for an investment club to begin on this journey. People get excited in the moment and promise to do things. You sit and they all promise to be part of a certain trip. Days to the trip, they go silent one by one. They bail out. If I make a decision, it is not based on a group think, it is because deep down that is what holds true for me in that moment.

I don’t fight other people’s wars neither do I expect other people to fight my own. I don’t base my success strategy on other people’s actions. When I decide to start something, I will go on whether others who decided on the same fall off or not.

So yes, I am very individualistic at the heart of it. If I pledge to make a contribution, I will fulfill it even if I become broke in the process. I see people in school reunions pledge millions only to disappear during collection times. I make promises I will fulfill not promises that sound good to people’s ears.

If I express doubt about something, whether an appointment or something, know for sure that I have thought it through. But if I give you my big yes, know for sure I will be there no matter what!