How Networks Enabled Humans To Rule…

Human beings are special, they are superior. Life has accorded us other advantages that have enabled us to outlast all the other species despite our many weaknesses. If it was purely about weaknesses, human beings would not have survived this long. We are some of the physically weakest species. We are some of the tinniest. We are everything bad on all fronts. Yet despite these many factors against us, we had one or two that made us get on top of the food chain.

Humans are the only species that can network over a wide spectrum of issues. We can network over tribe, we can network over religion, we can network over sexual orientation, over preferences. And we’ve formed networks out of everything. We formed the money network. We formed the road network. We formed the energy network. And whereas this looks such a simple idea, no other species networks as well as we do, at least with the diversity of networks that we employ at. I may not connect with you on the tribal front, but there’s a huge possibility I will connect with you on the political front or the creative front. Networks gave us an advantage as a species. They enabled us to get what we didn’t in exchange for that which we did.

The other factor that made humans stand out was their ability to map the future. Look at everything around us. No other species in the world has that same imaginative ability as a human being. It is only a human being that understands the concept of time. It is only the human being that will combine the concept of past, present and future. For every other of species, it is all about ‘now.’ Try to tell your dog or cat about next Friday. Please try to tell it to prepare for thieves that will be attacking next Friday. It won’t. It has no idea about next year, next month, it has no idea what it wants to do when it grows up or when it retires. This ability to map out the future gave humans a very rare advantage.

The imaginative ability meant that humans could take what was subtle, what was esoteric and translate it into what was real. No other species was able to make tools. Yet human beings did it. They discovered fire, they discovered iron and they made tools and the tools gave them more competitive advantages. Human beings make designs then execute on those designs. Look around you, that house, that phone, that oven, that television, all these things were designs, designs that were made real.

Finally human beings became superior at language. And they translated their language into writing. No bigger idea changed the world than the ability to put our thoughts into words, and those words in written elements. That meant that an idea conceptualized in India, could be appreciated in Africa not just today but very many years from now. I don’t know about Isaac Newton, I never met him. But many years later, I am able to open up his Principa Mathematica and converse with him. I am able to dine with him. We take all these things for granted but they are the things that gave us an advantage.

We are human beings. We are on top of the food chain. We invent things. We imagine things. We create networks. We rule, we conquer. And we never stop getting ahead because of these advantages that we’ve gained. We are so lucky. We enjoy so many privilege, so many that we are now blind to them. All else doesn’t matter, as long as we continue to be the only species that can network, that can map the future and can translate language into written form. We shall continue to rule!!!