Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you actually blog?

First, I believe an idea not shared is not worth its name. Ideas ought to be shared so that they get exposed to furnace of criticism, opposition, challenged, only then can ideas mature. Secondly, writing is my main medium of communication, and I see it as a way of documenting my journey. Think of it as a live update of my autobiography.

What’s your qualification?

I am a Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Graduate from Kyambogo University.

What can’t you live without?

Books. They are the most reliable friends I have had over the years.

What is your biggest super power?

I think I am very self-aware. I study me everyday. I know myself in and out. I know my fears, I know my weaknesses, I know my strengths. I really try to play by my strengths at all times. I guess my weakness is that I really don’t focus much on my weaknesses. I just keep them in check but they are not something I obsess about. After all, everybody else is helping me focus on them, they are already playing that role for me. So I play by my strengths, I leverage those ones. I never compete where I am not strong. I never swim in pools where I am not one of the best. I am all for strengths over weaknesses. I don’t want to be a fish that is trying to climb a tree. I want to always be a fish that is becoming a better swimmer. A fish that tries to climb a tree will never win that race. That applies for everybody who focuses on their weaknesses, they can never win the race, no matter how hard they try. So I am all for self-awareness. Who are you? Then do that.