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The Fifth Industrial Revolution Is Here; Will Your Job Survive?

Today I watched Mark Zuckerberg’s video showing the best of Artificial Intelligence. I was excited. I have been following a number of different people currently involved in AI in all forms. So it got me wondering about the future. It is clear that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. But it is not going to

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The One Thing You Need To Know About Social Media

“Here and there but almost nowhere.” That describes the approach of most Ugandans to social media. I was recently asked by a colleague for advice on social media. I told him; “Pick one social media platform, master it, milk it dry, before you can move on to the next.” I was barely 15 years old

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Timing Is Everything For Startup Success

I had a discussion with one of my friends. I told him that whereas startups such as Kaymu, Jumia, Hellofood and many others were yet to begin making abnormal profits, it was all a matter of time. I told him that everything we can’t seem to see about online businesses will become clear in the

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