Entrepreneurship is Like Sex; You Learn By Doing

A young man approached Warren Buffet asking for a job at Berkshire Hathaway. The young man told the investment guru that getting a job was one way he would gain experience to help him in running his own business in future. Buffet denied the young man the job opportunity.

In his words to the young man; he noted something fundamental:

“Entrepreneurship is like sex. If you want to know what sex is like, you are not going to learn by reading about it or by talking with others. The best way to learn is just to go out there and do it.

And the best part about it is that you are going to have a lot fun trying.”

I think this is the most honest analogy for entrepreneurship and for many things such as Engineering. You just have to go out there and do. No one is going to teach you these things. No one is going to teach you negotiation skills, people skills and how to pick up the phone and close that potential client. You just have to do.

It is funny that when it comes to sex, people are willing to go out and try on their own countless times. But when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, going after their dreams, they wait for someone else’s permission, they want to first attend some lecture, read some book, watch someone do it.

Entrepreneurship is about action and motion. You just have to keep doing, experimenting, tweaking, or as Gary Vaynerchuk says; ‘Jab Jab, left hook.”

And we live in times of wantrepreneurs, people who want to be entrepreneurs but are not really entrepreneurs. They love the highlights and upsides of entrepreneurship but detest the downsides and background work. You gotta do shit as an entrepreneur.

Tens of people send me messages asking for advice on how to start their own online platform. I tell them, just start. What worked for me probably won’t work for you. You will figure out the answers along the way.