An Online Business Idea: Travel and Events Blog

I have started to give away all ideas I have on me for free. It doesn’t serve me to keep them to myself. I don’t have the time to execute on all these ideas of mine. But I want these things already there. Often times, my ideas stem out of things I wanted but could not find. If I am traveling somewhere and there’s no blog writing about that area, that is an idea.

So I have two ideas:


If you can’t get the domain name then it won’t make sense to execute on this idea. If you get the domain name, that’s an instant hit for you. So create a site and divide it by area or make it possible for someone to click on an area in the map of Uganda and be able to see everything about that area. Let’s say I click about Tororo, the site should show me all the different things I can do in Tororo, the attractions, the historical sites, the hangouts, then it should show me all the different hotels and probably direct me to a booking site. It should tell about the average cost of things, what I need to buy from Tororo. You know those gems that are cheap in an area for example honey and irish potatoes in Kabale.


Ever since Proggie became less active, we’ve had a desert of proggie online. You can’t really know what’s happening on every single day in the country from one site. You now have to rely on Facebook events to have a closer prediction of what’s happening. This is a gap waiting to be filled.


I am willing to work with someone who wants to execute on these ideas. I will offer them all the creativity they need on bringing these ideas to life.