About Ian

Ian Ortega is a Graduate of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Kyambogo University. Born to Kevin Aliro (a Ugandan Journalist), founder of The Monitor (currently Daily Monitor) and The Weekly Observer (currently The Observer). Being born to a father who was an exceptional journalist gave me huge inspiration to be a writer. My mother was Florence Ndagire, she’s another of those figures who accounts for 99% of who I am in personality. She taught me values, and sticking to one’s values at all costs.

I have been lucky to be mentored by a number of people over the years. These have included Daniel Kalinaki, Sudhir Ruparelia, Andrew Mwenda, Brian Mushimba (formerly Technical Director at Eskom Uganda, and now at SN Power) just to mention but a few.

I have three big wins in life. I want to make my contribution through:

1. Engineering/ Innovation/Technology

2. Entrepreneurship/Business/Startups

3. Personal Development/ Growth/Improvement/Knowing Yourself

It is these three areas that I have chosen to make the focus of my life. My medium is writing, it is my strength and I tend to convey most of my ideas through writings. Over the course of the next years, I will blog on these three areas as my central ideas.

I am driven by the purpose of growing consciously to greatness and helping other people grow consciously to their own greatness. This is all that matters to me. My daily mission is to consciously create happiness for myself and for other people. Because if you are not happy, then what’s the point?

I consider money to be a side-effect to what I do. I am not motivated by it. Many times I have left money on the table and made short-term sacrifices for long-term gains. At the end of the day, it all comes down to legacy for me. It’s my footprint on the world that makes me wake up everyday.

I choose my friends based on the values they espouse. One of those is a great respect for time. Time is the number one non-renewable resource. It is what makes the first impression on me. It’s my first indicator of excellence. The ability to arrive on time, the ability to deliver a project on the time promised.

I am currenty practicing as a Mechanical Engineer, focusing greatly on the areas of Reliability Engineering, Lean Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance and Total Quality Management just to mention but a few.

I am a voracious reader. If you love books, and discussing ideas, I will always be open to meet. Finally, I am not loyal to my views. I am very objective and I let my views to be dictated by facts, logic and objectivity. I am open-minded and very adventurous. I love to use my fears as a compass for new directions to pursue. I am open to those experiences that nudge my adrenaline. I am very much of an experimentalist, it’s the only way the world gets to give birth to new philosophies.

I thus invite you to join me on a journey as I document my life, my thoughts, my ideas and watch the evolution as it happens.

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