A Disdain for Birthdays

I stopped trying to change many things in my life. It took me a lot of work to come to a position where I accepted a number of my flaws and embraced them.

For example, I am not quick at making friends. I have a cousin, when we land in a new area in the morning, by evening he will be known to everyone in that area. It comes natural to him. But his friendships don’t last beyond the surface.

On the other hand, I am slow at those things. Probably because I am also comfortable with my personal space. It takes long before I let people into that space. I am a big fan of my own company. I am very comfortable with silences. I talk less and listen more. That means I get to know more about people’s lives than they would about me.

But when I pick one to be a friend, it is surely for a lifetime. I may not call you, but I will defend you in public. I won’t betray you.

I am not interested in birthdays. I don’t see them as a big deal. For that reason, I removed facebook birthday notifications. I am not interested in the wishes. As such, I also don’t take other people’s birthdays that serious. I struggled at it trying to be normal remembering them and pretending like they were a big deal. Not anymore, I am not getting any younger, I can as well be real and own my flaws.